DataTables Anywhere

Have you ever been on Wikipedia – or some other such site – and found a large table of useful information, and become frustrated because you’re unable to do anything useful with the data? For crying out loud, it’s all right there! Why can’t anyone search, sort and otherwise modify the data right in page?

You can! Assuming you don’t mind getting your hands dirty…

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Java Command Line Apps In 15 Minutes (Or Less)

In my first four college classes on object oriented programming, every assignment had us prompting the user for input from the command line.  After the third assignment, I figured out this shortcut, and aced every assignment after that.

With this great power comes my great responsibility to share it with those who come after me.

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My Favorite String Extensions

I know, it doesn’t quite roll off the tongue like the old black-and-white TV show title.

As early as Visual Studio 2008, C# has provided a special kind of static method called extension methods.  We can use these extension methods to extend a class or interface, but not override it.  This provides the ability to “add” methods to existing types without creating a new derived type, recompiling, or otherwise modifying the original type.

Think of it as Microsoft’s answer to prototype in Javascript, letting you add methods on the fly to any type you want.  I took advantage of them  in a recent article I wrote on extending enum using custom attributes.

By far my favorite use of extension methods are when it comes to manipulating Strings.  It must be the Perl in me.  So, without any further ado, here are a few of my faves.

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Attributes, Extensions and Enums, Oh My!

Extending Enum in C# Using Custom Attributes and Methods

I love enumerations.  Simple, consistent and – in OO languages like Java and C# – enforced by the IDE.  But I know I’m not the only one who has lamented over the apparent inability to extend the Enum data type in C#.  If you stumbled upon this post, you’ve probably had the same problem.

Keep reading to see what I did to alleviate this shortcoming.

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Registering Amazon's SendToKindle Behind A Proxy

If you are a Kindle user – the tablet or the app – Amazon has a great (free) service that allows you to select files on your computer – PC or Mac – and send them to your Kindle (or registered Kindle app) using the Kindle native format.  This is great for when the file you want to send is too large for email attachment restrictions – corporate or otherwise – and you can’t use their email service.

But if you are just installing the application, and trying to register it behind a corporate proxy, you might run into the same problem I did: the dreaded and ambiguous “Network error occurred”!

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